Anni Visits Her Grandparents

Anni spent her vacation in Changsha, Hunan, China, where her grandparents lived in the beginning of January. She did things and ate things that she normally doesn’t get to have or do. She went shopping a lot, and bought lots of food that she couldn’t find in the place that she will go to after her vacation.

Me with my mom and my grandparents 

Me with my grandparents

Anni Goes Indoors Swimming 

The water was freezing cold, so Anni got out of the water after 10 seconds of swimming in an indoors pool. All her family, including her grandparents were watching, so she thought that it was a waste of time and that they should have chosen to play ping pong outside in the garden instead of swimming indoors in a cold pool. Eventually they also got to play ping pong after the 2 seconds of swimming in the indoors pool.

What Anni Bought While Shopping
Anni went shopping with her grandma and mom. They went to many stores and Anni bought lots of clothes that were thick so that she wouldn’t get cold outside because she didn’t expect China to be that cold. She wished China was snowing, but it didn’t snow. She still brought a warm coat though because it was freezing cold outside and raining. She also bought lots of snacks that she could bring back to India ( the country that she currently is living in) and share with her friends.

Getting High Fever
Anni got home, she was really hot so she stood next to the AC and let the cool air from it blow on her hair. The AC was 21 degrees and it was really cold. When her mom found out, it was already too late. She got into bed and rested for 2 days without an appetite or anything, but only drinking water. When she measured her temperature, she was 39 degrees. Then, finally it was over! She felt a lot better and she started to eat a lot of good food that she couldn’t find in India.

Artifact Project 

I learned that people created soldiers out of clay and paint and buried them.

We found an artifact and made the NoodleTools Project. We then conducted preliminary research. We then drafted and Revised the Museum Card and Speech Outline. We then edited the Museum Card and Speech Outline, At last we practiced the Speech and uploaded the video to YouTube and posted the card on our blog.


I am good at organizing my work with google classroom to do my homework. I organize my bag by taking the things I need the night before and putting it in my bag. I could improve on sharing my thinking and being more organized because that would help me more at school. One goal I have for the next 6 weeks is to share more of my thinking with my teacher and friends, and that will help me by sharing my thinking.